"One sits more comfortably on a color that one likes."

Vernor Panton


About Me

My name is Becky, and I'm just a girl who's out to add some color to the world.

My background reflects my love of both academics and artistry. I have a B.A. from Yale University in American Art & Material Culture, and a Master's Degree in American Material Culture (think Antiques Roadshow). 

I worked as a Display Coordinator for Anthropologie for nearly two years before leaving the company to pursue creativity on my own terms. 

I firmly believe that everyday life can be made better by creating playful and beautiful spaces in which to live and work.  And I believe in curating an everyday life filled with everyday goodness--from the meals on our tables to the colors on our walls to the voices of our friends. It's my hope that this website can be a place to share some of the goodness of my life and hopefully extend it to yours. 

Here you can peruse my Anthropologie portfolio, read about my recent doings on my blog, and purchase my creations in my shop

I recently did an interview with Etsy.com.  You can read that here.

Or, just drop me a line here. I'd love to hear from you (yes, you). 

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Astrid and loving husband Frank

Astrid and loving husband Frank


About dirtsa

dirtsa studio was born accidentally.  

Many people think my previous job -- a display artist for Anthropologie -- is a dream position. I loved being creative every day, but I found many aspects of the job and company restricting and unsatisfactory.  So I took a bold step and quit. 

While I looked for a new job I started designing some homewares as a creative outlet from the stress of being unemployed. I posted some of my creations for sale online and they quickly sold. I posted more, and more sold. Within 3 months I had so much business that I realized I had not only created products, but I had created a new job for myself. 

I named my business after my Swedish grandmother, Astrid.  She was an amateur painter and humorously signed many of her works under “Dirtsa” — her first name spelled backwards. 

When I was young, I could never have dreamed of such a fun and fulfilling future for myself.  I'll be honest that if staying in fourth grade forever had been an option, I would probably have chosen that.  But creating mindful and playful products with a school-age nostalgia is not a bad second choice.   Grab a piece of the fun here.